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5 Ways Music Can Change Your Life

Now more than ever we are surrounded by (some might say bombarded with) music every day. Rather than just letting it wash over you or soak your brain, how can you take all this wonderful music that is available and put it to good use? Here are 5 ways that music can better your life. Read more

5 Tips to Jump Start Your Creativity

Being a “Creative” is not always easy. The muse isn’t always there when you need her. But whether you are trying to come up with a new song or a new business plan, having the ability to release the flow of the creative juices is an important trick to know. Read more

Do You Want to Set a World Record?

That was what the voice on the other end of the phone asked. Local radio station KYYS was lining up an attempt to break the Guinness world record of 1,322 guitarists playing at one time and wanted me to lead the charge… and the band! My initial reaction was that this could be a mess! Most bands have a tough time getting two guitarists to play together, so what would close to 2000 be like!!??? Read more