If you like rock with a bit of blues attitude, and a touch of funk, with some “jam band” style live shows all wrapped up in some catchy songs with emotional vocals, and rippin’ guitar…. whew!!!  Then the Jeff Scheetz Band’s brand of music is something you definitely need to check out. Catch them wherever fine music is served. Check out the music HERE

Jeff Scheetz

As a guitarist and songwriter, Jeff has been known internationally for his many instrumental CDs. However, when he started to play the guitar, his first love was blues and blues rock and the early “jam” bands. So he has always had that element in his playing. His current band ties together both worlds as the soulful vocals intertwine with great guitar riffs, allowing both music geeks and music fans to dig in! ! Jeff says “Playing live has always been more about exploring and stretching things out for me. My band tends to improvise sections and let the music take us to unknown areas which is the fun of live playing. We never want to just do the same thing we did on the recording – it is more about the moment”. He also says “Of course I also love to be in the studio where you can really craft your songs and drill down on getting the exact vibe you have in your head recorded.”

Matt Waddill

Matt (bass and vocals) is not only a phenomenally soulful vocalist, and a groovin bass player, but he is also a top notch guitarist. One of those guys who can do it all. Matt studied guitar for years with Jeff and they became friends. A few years later as Jeff’s band was looking for a bass player they hooked back up with Matt playing bass. At one rehearsal after auditioning a singer Jeff asked Matt to belt out “Thrill is Gone” by B.B. King just so they could jam – and once the band heard Matt sing one line, they took down the ads looking for a singer! Matt and Jeff are also writing partners for the JSB.

Kent Burnham

You have to look a long time to find a drummer with Kent’s chops. He has played with Jeff on the now “classic” CD Woodpecker Stomp, as well as a live video and of course on the JSB CDs. He has been Jeff’s live drummer on and off for many years, and the two have played together whenever their schedules have permitted. Kent also played in “Banshee” and their video was in regular rotation on MTVs “Headbanger’s Ball”, as well as his handsome mug gracing the pages of Hit Parader on a monthly basis. Jeff says of Kent “He and I just click – maybe because we have been playing together so long, but more I think because when we are improvising and jamming we often tend to end up going to the same “place”. Even though I should be used to it, it still surprises me sometimes when during an improv section I hit a weird accent and he hits the same thing at the same time”. It is that synergy that makes this team so special, whether in the studio or on the stage.