Pawn Shop
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Pawn Shop

Jeff's instrumental release Pawn Shop has been described as "Steve Vai and Satriani, mixed with a dose of Stevie Ray and funkalicious" (Ide online)

This CD features Jim Riley (from Rascal Flatts) on Drums, and Eddie Pruitt on bass. The song Lakota was the only instrumental in the top winners of the John Lennon songwriting contest. From the funk of Platform Shoes, to the all-out assault of Legend - this CD is one for any fan of guitar!

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"At times, he seems to be abstractly pulling notes out of thin air, making his guitar laugh, sing, cry, or scream on command."- True News -

"If feeling and emotion could be measured, Jeff Scheetz would register 'Beyond the point of no return'. Past the posted limit. Eleven on a ten scale." - Pitch Weekly -